Niagara Textile Project

A group shot of many of the artists who attended the Nov. 15 launch of the Niagara Textile Project

Two wonderful art installations have been added to the offices of Niagara Region. “Escarpment Perspectives” consists of three triptychs, or three-section pieces. “Niagara’s Bounty” is five separate works. All the creations are textile and mixed media pieces, except for one of stained glass. The displayed works are interpretations of eight different photographs that were chosen from hundreds that were submitted.

The far left triptych depicting one Escarpment landscape, created by three different artists.
The central, vertical triptych in "Escarpment Perspectives."
The triptych on the right side of the installation. Nine different artists worked on the three triptychs.

“Escarpment Perspectives” shows three complex landscapes from the Niagara Escarpment, of trees, rocks and water in different seasons. Selected textile artists worked on one panel each, adding up to nine artists creating three works in all. The panels are elaborately created out of fabric, sticks, stones, beads, netting, threads, wool and more. Close inspection is rewarded with detail that is astonishing. The creativity shown is amazing.

Artist Suzi Dwor points to an element of her work.


Close up of fabric detail in one of the Escarpment pieces.


Detail of rug hooking in Ruth Emerson's Escarpment panel.


A mesh bag that onions are sold in, brilliantly solved Irma Bull's problem of creating a fence.

“Niagara’s Bounty” shows close-up slices of photographs of apples, cherries, harvest baskets, fruit blossoms and ripe grapes. Five artists created these out of felt, glass, ceramic pieces, fabric, beads and more. While simpler in subject than “Escarpment Perspectives,” these works also reward scrutiny by revealing the intricate beadwork and other media included.

Five separate works interpret the photographs that form "Niagara's Bounty."

Dianne Gibson of Fonthill and Nina Stahlschmidt of Pelham were the organizers and lead artists. The eight photographers whose works were the basis of inspiration are Amanda Addison, Greg Cooper and Anna Ripmeester for the Escarpment scenes, and Jesse Day, Jurgen Gurski, Shelley Bench, Olga Pidrahita and Yolanda Korwin for the fruit series.

Janny Fraser used watch fragments and pieces of stamped ceramics to create her vision of harvest baskets.

These artists created “Escarpment Perspectives”: Roberta Masecar of St. Catharines, Karen Witteveen of  Thorold, Mori McCrae of St. Catharines, Albert Coté of Niagara Falls, Suzi Dwor of Port Colborne, Irma Bull of Port Dalhousie, Karen Sirianni of Niagara Falls, Ruth Emerson of Grimsby, and Greta Hildebrand of Pelham.
“Niagara’s Bounty” is the work of Chris Liszak of St. Catharines, Shannyn Radolli of Niagara Falls, Janny Fraser of Welland, Azra Momin of St. Catharines and Valerie Brown of Fonthill.
These installations are part of Niagara’s Cultural Capital of Canada program. What do you think of these pieces? If you were part of this project, what was it like to work on?


  • hello Just heard of this project. Could you tell me how this was funded and how you picked different artist . I am a potter in the region but did not hear of this initiative. Thank you

  • The Niagara Textile Art Project was part of Niagara’s Cultural Capital program for 2012. ( Niagara was designated a Cultural Capital of Canada for 2012 and was granted federal funding for a large number arts and cultural projects, which took place throughout the year.)
    Calls for Entry for photographers and then textile and mixed media artists went out last Jan. and Feb., followed by a juried selection. The calls for entry were posted on the Niagara Regions website, published in some of the local papers and promoted on the radio.

  • What inspiration!!! I just happened upon the exhibit at Niagara Regional Health. Are there classes in the area?

    • Sorry, I can’t answer your question. Perhaps others can?

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