Niagara Greenbelt Website Introduced

     While surfing around one day last month, I came upon a page about Escarpment Views magazine on the new Niagara Greenbelt website. Information had been posted about our magazine from published issues and our own website. It was surprising to see this and I felt honoured that they had decided to create a page for us. After contacting the organizers, we offered to provide some missing images and information, which they quickly added. Now we have a complete profile that we’re proud to point to people.
     The Niagara Greenbelt website is a comprehensive and impressive source of information for visitors to the beautiful Niagara Region. It is user-focussed and innovative, letting people design and create their own trips and itineraries. The site uses several web technologies to provide as much detailed information as desired. See their overview description of what’s included in their site.
     The website is evolving and growing and some of the indexing looks like it needs tweaking. This will probably happen as people let them know about fixes that are needed. Another point to note is that the site probably works best with high-speed access. Without it, the pages take a long time to appear. A lot of patience is needed to get around.
     It’s a mammoth project to create a searchable, customizable database of this scope, so the organizers should be congratulated on their achievement.

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