New Look for Escarpment Views Spring Issue

Escarpment Views Spring 2011
Escarpment Views Spring 2011

Here’s the cover of the Spring 2011 issue. It’s available now at our advertisers and at plenty of other places too: tourist offices, NEC offices, CONE headquarters… This issue is bigger than ever, and is a special on gardens. It will be available at the Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy exhibit at Canada Blooms. We’ll have it at Eco festivals and home shows in April and at the Leading Edge Conference at Brock University in May, where we’ll be giving a presentation.
     My sister Barbara and I displayed it at the recent Erin Recreation and Culture Fair, where Barbara won a draw for a gift basket from the Erin Library! She’s pleased to have won, and says she never does. That’s not true, of course. I seem to remember her winning an artificial Christmas tree some years ago.
     Mike and I also were handing out copies at the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show, where we ran into an IPAO colleague, Marissa Schroder, publisher of Get Out There, which had a booth at the show. The spring shows and festivals are just beginning, so there will be several places to visit, meet people and get the current issue.
     And remember, the magazine is now for sale at The Bookshelf in Guelph, so if this is convenient, you can browse through the features before deciding to buy. But if you want a copy without leaving home, you can request a free sample.
     I’ll post more info about the spring issue once we’ve updated the rest of the site with current info. Check back later

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