Last-Minute Gift Idea: Tickets for Seana McKenna in Medea!

     You can’t go wrong by giving the experience of seeing Seana McKenna in Medea at the Canon Theatre in Toronto from Jan. 7 to Feb. 8. Seana is among the finest actors in Canada today, and Medea is one of the performances of a lifetime. If you enjoy thought-provoking theatre instead of mindless fun entertainment, Seana’s performance will probably wrench your emotions so that you’ll remember it the rest of your life.

     I speak from experience. When I saw the show years ago, even though I knew how the story ends, I was utterly sideswiped and shaken. Powerful!

     If your friends enjoy Canadian culture or the world of theatre, give the gift of seeing a brilliant performer at the peak of her career.

     Have any of you readers of this blog had the experience of seeing McKenna perform?

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  • When Seana takes her place on the stage something magical always happens. That has been my experience of watching this actor in every role imaginable. And I am not alone in this regard. I will be gathering a group of students and teachers together to experience Medea in January.

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