Iron Scow in Niagara River Shifts Closer to Falls

We got this news about an alarming shift in the position of this old scow. We featured the history of this relic in Summer 2019. See it online at

The severe weather conditions experienced yesterday afternoon and overnight have caused the iron scow, which has remained remarkably lodged in the powerful upper rapids above the Canadian Horseshoe Falls for over a century, to shift significantly from its position.

The scow has turned its position and has shifted down river toward the Falls; it remains lodged in the upper rapids. Niagara Parks staff continue to monitor the situation and updates will be shared as needed.

Despite considerable deterioration over the years, the scow, which was the site of a heroic rescue of the two stranded men aboard, has miraculously clung to its perch in the upper Niagara River since breaking loose from its towing tug on August 6, 1918.

One hundred years later, on August 6, 2018, Niagara Parks celebrated the anniversary of the iron scow and officially recognized the heroism of William “Red” Hill Sr. who rescued the two men on board. Part of the anniversary celebration was the unveiling of a set of interpretive panels that told the story of how the scow became stranded and the harrowing rescue that took place.

The question remains: will the old iron scow be swept over the Falls?

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