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     Here is a guest blog by “our man in Hamilton,” Paul Glendenning. He’s an ad consultant for us and is also interested in environmental and green issues and causes, making him well suited to Escarpment Views. We’re happy to have him do some writing for us as well.

     Whether you live on a farm, in a small town or bustling urban centre, chances are coyotes have made their presence known. A cunning survivor, this canny creature has managed not only to survive but thrive through adapting to our way of life. Lurking on the edges of civilization, coyotes have quietly crept into the void caused by the loss of other larger predators who have been pushed to more remote corners of the country.
     Unfortunately conflicts do occasionally occur and isolated incidents can become huge news stories painting a very malevolent picture of this relatively small predator of rabbits, mice and the occasional deer.
    In the hope of reducing conflict through education, the following special presentation is taking place in Hamilton, Ontario.

The Urban Coyote

Learn more about coyotes and their habits as well as other urban wildlife
In this engaging presentation by Lesley Sampson, coyote researcher,
advocate and founder of Coyote Watch Canada

Join the “pack” gathering at the Hamilton Spectator Auditorium
44 Frid St. Hamilton, Ontario
on December 16th at 7 p.m.

 Special guest wildlife biologist Bill Leeming 
Introduction by Hamilton City Councillor Brian McHattie.

Free Admission.
Non-perishable food donation appreciated for local food banks.

For any questions or directions, please contact

     Have you had any dealings with, or observations of coyotes, good, bad or indifferent?

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