Celebrating Two Years of Publishing Escarpment Views!

     We’re starting our third year of publishing Escarpment Views, which is a significant achievement for any small business, let alone one that’s facing the current challenging economy. If I knew how, I’d insert a graphic image here of horns and streamers and confetti and Congratulations! Can anyone tell me how to do this here?
     We’re pretty happy about this. Things are looking better for 2010, as the economy improves and the magazine gets better known and recognized for consistency of quality.
     We thank all our advertisers and subscribers for supporting and encouraging our vision in our critical first two years. Despite being filled with a massive amount of work, the time has truly flown by. We certainly wouldn’t be at this point without your involvement.
     More than one objective, impartial business person has told us recently that we need to celebrate our achievements more, and to realize that we’re doing very well. We’re trying to do that, but there are community events and performances to go to, people to introduce ourselves to, and always, the next and future issues to think about and work on.
     What do you have to celebrate about this year? Are you taking a moment to congratulate yourself on your efforts?


  • Gloria, congratulations on your milestone! It is indeed something to celebrate, and I wish you many more years of sharing beautiful photos, interesting stories and ads for places we want to visit.

  • Thanks, Sue, for your generous comment and kind good wishes!

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