Another Amazing Letter

A couple who have subscribed for a while, have done an amazing thing with their recent renewal: they added an extra financial contribution for the magazine. They did this out of concern due to the COVID-19 crisis and how our supportive advertisers have had to cut back their spending. This reminds me of another surprise […]Read More

Reader Makes Me Cry

We got a two-page hand-written letter from a subscriber yesterday. What he wrote brought tears to my eyes. He was responding to both my “View from the Editor’s Desk” and my column “The Gift of Land” in the Summer issue. He wrote with concern for our well-being. He wrote encouraging words about the magazine and […]Read More

What’s in Our Spring 2020 Issue

In his first feature article for us, Joe D. Shorthouse, professor of entomology, or the study of insects, teaches us about the only three wild, native roses that grow near the Escarpment. Joe’s feature and beautiful photos show and tell us everything we need to know to identify them, even though they look remarkably alike. […]Read More

Summer 2020: 1st Issue in the Time of COVID

Our Summer 2020 issue had to be a bit smaller, except for the size and number of our main features and columns. They remain the same. Here’s what they are about. Our cover story shows the magnificent work of birds of prey by Richard Rallon, a photographer who shares technical tips on how to get […]Read More

Summer 2020

Please note that in order to support our valued advertisers who give out free copies of our magazine, we do not post content online from the Current Issue until it becomes a Back Issue. Get a free copy of the Current Issue from our advertisers here.Or buy a single copy by mail in our General […]Read More

Still in Business

Mike is out today, delivering copies of our gorgeous Summer issue to the Niagara Region and the Hamilton area. Advertisers who are open, will have copies to give out. Not all our usual advertisers have been able to advertise in this issue. Some expected the lockdown to continue all summer. Now that we’re learning how […]Read More

What Makes a Good Business Owner?

This charming photo of the Collie Little Bear looking at a rabbit is by Barrett Sharpe of Ancaster. Can you make out the well-hidden rabbit? First, I have good news about my friend’s surgery: everything has gone well. This may be another sign that slowly, things are improving in our hospitals and elsewhere. As we’re […]Read More

Surgery in the Time of COVID-19

This is a very personal blog post, but it describes what’s occupying my mind these days, and might be something you can relate to. While most of us are staying home and following physical distancing, some people are dealing with challenges made unusual because of this pandemic. A friend of mine from early university days […]Read More

Inspired by… Exhibition Forced Online

     Inspired by …  is the Headwaters Arts recent show which closed prematurely due to Covid-19.  Its glorious kaleidoscope of talent and artistic treasures has moved to our website as our first Virtual GALLERY TOUR. It remains an online exhibition through May 12.     Click on this link, , and meet the muses or source […]Read More

Getting the Summer Issue of Niagara Escarpment Views

The way things look now, we won’t be back to normal by June 1, which is the publication date for our Summer issue. Many of our regular advertisers may not be open as usual, meaning that they won’t have copies available for you to pick up. We do have at least one advertiser, our amazingly […]Read More