Day: January 22, 2013

Winter 2009

View From the Editor’s Desk: Preparing for a Good Winter Views From Our Readers Events Along the Rock Take a Look Worth the Visit: Foodstuffs Snack Heaven: Picard’s Local Products “Featured View: “Under the Weather” Caledon” Photograph by Nathan Hiller All Dressed for Christmas Misty’s View of Niagara Wines: Delicious Surprises Embracing Icewine Book Views: […]Read More

Autumn 2009

View From the Editor’s Desk: What is Wrong With the OMB? Views From Our Readers Events along the Rock “Hiking the Falling Water Trail” by Ken Haigh High Jinks & High Flying Centre Photograph: Ball’s Falls Thanksgiving Festival, Ball’s Falls Conservation Area, Jordan, October 2008 By Hand: The Making of Frogpond Farm Wines Misty’s View: […]Read More

Summer 2009

Editor’s Letter Events Along the Rock Planting for Summer Bloom Kids of Steel Conquer Collingwood Centre Photograph: Cows graze in June beneath the Niagara Escarpment in Milton Antiquing: A Treasure Hunt Through Time Canadians Reliving the Civil War Misty’s View on Dressing your Summer Greens Re-Dressing Waste Book Views: From Collingwood to Hamilton Seana’s View: […]Read More

Spring 2009

“Editor’s Letter” “Events Along the Rock” “Wild Orchids: The Crown Jewels of the Niagara Escarpment” by Gary Hutton “Sweet Tastes of Spring” “The Credit River, Forks of the Credit Provincial Park” Photograph by Wayne Money “The Big Picture” by Patricia Langer “Saving Money Through Land Conservation Programs” “Seana’s View of Doubt by Seana McKenna “Misty’s […]Read More

December 2008

“Editor’s Letter” “Events Along the Rock” “Devereaux House: Restoration in Progress” “Locally Made Treats” “Scotsdale Farm looking onto Escarpment lands” a Photograph by Alan McCord “Beginner Caves on the Escarpment” “Misty’s View of Christmas Dinner” “Seana’s View: How do you solve a problem like Medea?” “Singing for the Escarpment” “Book Views for December”Read More

Autumn 2008

“Editor’s Letter” “Events Along the Rock” “Young’s Pharmacy at 50: A Place Unique in Ontario” “The Creative Hands of Benitta Wilcox” “The north slope of Dundas Valley on a misty autumn morning…” Photograph by Richard and Eleanore Kosydar “Concerns for the Karst” by Rita Giulietti “Around the Bay Race: Older than Boston’s” “Misty’s View of […]Read More

Summer 2008

“Editor’s Letter” “Events Along the Rock” “Walk on the Wildflower side” by Nancy Heule “Trekking the Optimum Route: Hiking the Bruce Trail’s Bayview Escarpment Reroute” “The Grotto on Georgian Bay, Bruce Peninsula National Park” Photograph by Robert McCaw “Market Foraging” by Deborah Palmer “Long-Lasting, Lush Lilacs” “Misty’s View of Cooking: Magical Organization” “Seana’s View: Getting […]Read More

Spring 2008

“Editor’s Letter” “Events Along the Rock” “Spring in the Living Garden” by Charles Hildebrandt “Sanctuary During the Year of the Frog” by Don Scallen “Peony Perfection” “Hilton Falls and historic mill site, Sixteen Mile Creek, Milton” Photograph by Neil Hester “Halton Local Fresh Food” “Scotsdale Farm: A Hidden Treasure” “Misty’s View of Cooking: The Foundation” […]Read More

Premier Issue: Winter 2008

“Editor’s Letter” “Brigitte Schreyer: Continuing the artistic tradition” “From Fountain Green to Limehouse” by Deborah Quaile “Ice near the base of Webster’s Falls” Photograph by Richard and Eleanore Kosydar “Old Made New: Downtown Georgetown” by Nancy Wigston “Misty’s View of Cooking” “The Best Burn in Winter” by Dan O’Reilly Poetry of … Gertrude Olga Down […]Read More